The Best NLP & Corporate Institutes

Our mission is to help you and communities who are looking for The Best Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Corporate Training Institutes and Trainers.

We are glad to present the list of top 10 institutes after in-depth research on 5000 plus institutes around the world that satisfy the standards given on the criteria page.

Due to distinct specialization areas, the selection panel has decided to grow this list to 20 Institutes from next year.


1. Pure NLP

Orlando (United States), London (United Kingdom)

Pure NLP® is an educational program founded by John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle in 1989.

Dr. Richard Bandler is co-creator of NLP.  John La Valle is the President of The Society of NLP, largest body of NLP Practitioners in the world.

The Society of NLP is the largest and oldest NLP training body in the world. It was founded in 1979. It is recognized as the only licensed NLP certification body by NLP co-founder Dr Richard Bandler. The license agreement is simply a way of protecting yourself, NLP and Dr Bandler.

Training Specialization

NLP Trainings,
Persuasion Engineering,
Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning,
Charisma Enhancement

Lead Trainer

Richard Bandler
John LaValle & Kathleen La Valle

2. NLP Academy

United Kingdom

The NLP Academy is the UK’s leading centre of NLP Learning and Excellence, they deliver the highest quality NLP Educational Programmes available in the UK today.

John Grinder is the co-creator of NLP and co-creator of New Code NLP.

Training Specialization

NLP Trainings, Hypnosis,
New Code NLP,
Photo Reading,
Emotional Integration

Lead Trainer

John Grinder

3. Transform Destiny

Las Vegas (United States), United Kingdom, Australia

For the last 22 years, Transform Destiny has been teaching people around the world how to use NLP to tap into the inner-mind for success, prosperity, fulfillment and happiness.

Michael Stevenson teach NLP, to create success, happiness, fulfillment and wealth. From business to personal development events and coaching, our speakers, trainers and coaches will teach you how to get better results in every area of life.

Training Specialization

NLP Certification Trainings
NLP Personal Growth Trainings
NLP Business Trainings
Online Courses and Trainings

Lead Trainer

Michael Stevenson



Toronto (Canada), United States

NLP Power focus is on helping you develop real world NLP and hypnosis skills that empower you on all levels and automatically lead you to the happiness you have always wanted, learn how to use NLP to make life give YOU what you really want.

David Snyder of NLP Power is the founder and creator of the CPI: Conversational Persuasion & Influence System™. In addition to his many credentials in the field of hypnosis and NLP David holds a Master of Arts Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southern California University of Health Sciences where he pioneered the use of hypnotic technique in combination with acupuncture therapy and also holds 9th Degree Black Belt In The Martial Arts.

Training Specialization

NLP Trainings,
Hypnosis Trainings,
Attraction Products,
Healing Products,
Influence Products,
Sexuality Products

Lead Trainer

David Snyder

5. NLP Worldwide

Australia, Singapore, United States

The Worldwide Institutes of NLP is one of the oldest NLP training providers in the world having started in 1994 by Laureli Blyth.

They first began training in Australia as simply The Australasian Institute of NLP and have grown to include The American Institute of NLP and The European Institute of NLP all under our umbrella.

Training Specialization

NLP, Hypnosis,
NLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Trainer & Consultant Training

Lead Trainer

Laureli Blyth
Heidi Heron

6. NLP Limited

Dubai (UAE), Lagos (Nigeria), New Delhi (India)

NLP Limited is a premier institute for corporate trainings. It is highly ranked for sales trainings, mind and behavior transformation.

Rajiv Sharma of NLP Limited has developed MARK Model: Mindset, Action, Repetition and Knowledge. MARK Model helps you transform Mindset, translate your ideas into Actions, create habits by Repetition of actions and with new productive habits you create New Knowledge. Thousands of people in many countries have benefited from MARK Model.

Training Specialization

NLP, Coaching, MARK Trainings,
Sales & Corporate Trainings,
Management & Leadership,
Contact Centre Trainings

Lead Trainer

Rajiv Sharma

7. Learning Strategies

Minnesota (United States)

Founded in 1981 as a consulting and training company, Learning Strategies Corporation has evolved into a premier provider of self-improvement, education, and health programs. No other publisher in this field has our unique expertise, spends as much time and money researching and developing, or gives as much personal attention and energy to their programs.

Training Specialization

Abundance for Life
Aura Seeing
Boundless Renewal
Changing the Paradigm
Clear Mind ~ Bright Future
Diamond Dowsing

Lead Trainer

Paul R. Scheele

8. NLP University

Seaside (United States)

NLP University offers a summer residential curriculum for various trainings in NLP. The home of NLP University is on the University of California Campus located in Santa Cruz, California – the birthplace of NLP. It was established by Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein in 1991 as a new kind of structure for providing the opportunity for a complete NLP education.

Training Specialization

Practitioner Certification
Master Practitioner Certification
Trainer & Consultancy Certification
Master Trainer, Facilitator Training


Lead Trainer

Robert Dilts


9. NLP Australia

South Wales, Australia

NLP Training in Australia was founded by Terrence McClendon in 1979. They are Australia’s first NLP Training company, who conducted the first NLP Practitioner Training in Australia in1981.

Training Specialization

NLP, Communication,
Ericksonian Hypnosis Training,
Hypnotherapy & Coaching,
National Healthcare Provider

Lead Trainer

Chantal Soullier-Costerian

10. NLP Mind Mastery


NLP Mind Mastery Methods is run by Ulysses Wang, is a Singapore based training company. Ulysses is an International Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach & Trainer and has trained students from Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Training Specialization

NLP, Consulting,
Management & Leadership,
Sales and Business Trainings,
Behaviour Transformation